Why You Can’t Control What Clients Say About You

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Because your strategic positioning can only be an impulse.

Here is the thing: most entrepreneurs (even if they are marketing-oriented) think they can control what their clients say about them, their brand, their offer, their company. The only thing necessary would be three things:

  1. A well thought through positioning of their company or brand
  2. A clear marketing message that is as one dimensional and to-the-point as possible
  3. Continuous hammering of that message into the target group’s minds on as many channels as possible

Now, while having a clear positioning belongs to the fundamentals of every company striving to build long term equity of a company-brand, product-brand or even ‚personal-brand‘ (uh, don’t get me started on personal branding, that’s for another time 🙂 ), it can only be an impulse to where you want the consumer’s mind to go when getting into contact with your company and brand.

Because people are irrational and emotional.

Oftentimes we assume people are rational and make fact-based decisions. You know and I know that, if you deeply think about it, this is most often not the case. We like stories. We embrace stories. And we love to tell them. Especially to ourselves. And then to others.

Because you are not in charge.

So, your positioning and your message, as one dimensional as it might be, will be taken by the human being you are addressing (the „target group in us marketers language) and be build into her/his own story that is based on own experiences, goals, desires (and so on). This makes us versatile and human. The earlier you begin to embrace that aspect, the more you will cherish to listen to your target group, be (on those social media channels) where they like to hang and tell their stories and understand that truly authentic branding is based on a permanent, long term process, you can’t fully control.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What are your experiences? Maybe you have a completely different perspective? Connect with me on LinkedIn or via Email via the buttons below – happy to hear from you soon:).

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